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Custom blended flower essence combinations are a very powerful healing tool. Connecting with your Higher Self through mine, I bypass your conscious mind to get to the heart of the emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual issue that needs to be addressed and determine what flower essences are needed at this particular time in your life. Flower essences clear old DNA and cellular patterns and also help with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, inner child issues, spiritual growth and many other emotional and mental areas.

The Process:

I work with approximately 300 different Flower Essences and use a pendulum with charts I have created. The first chart lists all the essences and also has a set of numbers. I start by connecting with my highest source at the Godhead level and then connect with yours. I ask how many essences are needed and from how many sources. From here I proceed to each of my custom charts that lists those particular essences. As each essence is given they are written on a label. Once completed, I reconfirm the information and then proceed to mix and blend the dosage bottle. The label is affixed and the mixture is then potentized and ready for use.

I AM a clear channel and am truly amazed at this gift. I feel truly blessed and grateful to be able to help facilitate healing and growth for individuals as well as myself. Each flower essence has a benefit or level of healing. When this process is done in person, I go over each of the particular essences with the client and muscle test for accuracy. For those clients who order by phone or over the internet, I enclose the necessary information and paperwork as an information resource. I am constantly amazed on how accurate this process is in meeting the needs of each individual and the issue(s) to be addressed and overcome. Even when a client has no particular issue at hand, it's wonderful how our Higher Self knows what we need at all times and allows us the opportunity to overcome these issues in a gentle and painless manner.

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 Dakara's Calming Essence for Pets Home || Dakara's Calming Essence for Pets Testimonials
Rescued Animal Support  ||  Suggested Usage || Personal Pet Blend || What are Flower Essences || Order 


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